Time for a business reset. Winter Is Part of Business – It Doesn’t Last Forever.

While COVID-19 is consuming most people’s time and attention, there are some business owners who are focusing their time and attention on a ‘business reset’ in preparation for the opportunity that will present on the other side.

We always state the ‘only constant in business is change’. This is no different. It is important for business owners to always consider the seasons.

Acclaimed personal development guru, the late Jim Rohn says it best, “you cannot change the seasons; you can only change yourself”. Below is an excerpt from my book Power Up Your Tradie Business where Rohn explains why it is important for business owners to prepare for the seasons ahead.

When is it right for a business reset. Keep the Seasons in Mind!


First, you must learn how to survive the winter. Some winters are long, and some are short. During winter, you must become stronger, wiser and better to ensure you survive next winter. It is important to think positively, because winters do not last forever. Winter for your business may relate to increased competition, reduced demand, tough economic times or a ‘pandemic’ leading to reduction in investment development.


Second is spring. In this season, you must take advantage of the day and grab the opportunity for a new beginning, and the opportunity to turn things around. Spring is a short season and is also planting season, so you must hurry. You need to pick the right seeds, along with the right location and right nourishment. Just as life is short, you must learn to appreciate the opportunities that are presented. Only a small window of time is open, so you must be prepared to take it. In business during the spring, you must be planting the seeds relating to growing business development opportunities, growing win–win partnerships, and growing a high-performance culture within your team.


The third season is summer. This is a time to nourish new life and protect it like a father, as you wait for opportunities to present from the planted seeds. This is also a time to beware of the thief in your mind that is after your promise. Do not become a victim of yourself through negative thoughts such as, I cannot do it because there are too many obstacles. This is the time to maintain belief in your ability and remain focused on your goals.


The fourth season is autumn – time to harvest and to reap what you have sowed. The more intelligent the work invested, the greater the rewards. For all in due season your harvest will come if you are patient enough to wait.

Owners who have created long term successful businesses understand the seasons. They understand that tough times do not last forever, just as good times will not last forever. Successful people are always preparing for the season ahead.

Start preparing now for the opportunity that will present with the new beginning.

Matthew Jones
TheCUBE Founder & CEO

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