Online Business Coaching Platform to connect reliable data seamlessly

Digital transformation across small medium businesses has increased the machine data available for operational, financial, and marketing analysis. The right Online Business Coaching Platform to expose the data can potentially empower business to improve every area of performance. However, the onslaught of data can also overwhelm and swallow the business.

For business coaches and advisors, understanding how data interacts is crucial to making the right business decision. To provide accurate advice requires access to ‘in-full and up-to-date’ data. This is becoming increasingly difficult as a business gathers job data, financial data, customer data, sales data, employee data, and the list goes on.

Data silos are a big problem facing business coaches

Having access to only one data set is problematic for a coach and advisor. Business processes that do not support data sharing and collaboration create ‘data silos’. In other words, no one has a big picture view.

Here is an example of a business struggling to increase profitability and cash in bank. Isolating marketing data (silo), such as leads and conversion rates, in recommending an increase in marketing investment to drive sales, can lead to fatal consequences. If not viewed in conjunction with financial data, such as profit margins and cash flow forecasts, a recommendation to increase sales can lead to a further reduction in profit and cash in bank.

The difficulty for business coaches and advisors is how to access this data in a timely and cost-effective manner. Data is often stored across multiple software applications, spreadsheets and desktops. It becomes very time consuming and frustrating when trying to manually collect, export, merge and interpret all of business data.

Online business coaching platform

At TheCUBE our vision is to allow business coaches to deliver greater results and life changing value to more clients with less effort. We achieve this through helping coaches to tell a story with the data so the client can understand it and can then act on it. Turning insight into a measurable action.

TheCUBE online business coaching platform, integrating business processes and reporting, allows coaches, the coaches team, their clients and their clients team to seamlessly connect in one single view to track and manage business performance. This single view (single source of truth) for all key stakeholders (internal & external) helps your clients achieve their true potential in work and in life.

Unlock the Hidden Gold

Business coaches and advisors wanting to improve their own efficiency and effectiveness require an online business coaching platform that can collect, merge and analyse client data seamlessly. As we all look for competitive advantages to stay ahead of the competition, we believe there are great opportunities for those who can 'unlock the gold hidden within the data'.  

TheCUBE brings together technologies traditionally used only at enterprise level to analyse data. Meaning unlocking the data is now made easy. For business coaches now is the time to 'reset' how value is to be created and competitive advantage is to be formed. Start preparing for the new opportunities that will present with unlocking data potential.

Matthew Jones
TheCUBE Founder & CEO

TheCUBE is a powerful business coaching platform allowing coaches and clients to work together easily.

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