5 Guaranteed Remote Coaching Solutions to Retain Clients

And just like that how we conduct business has changed. We all need to adjust to communicating with clients remotely. For some business coaches and advisers nothing has changed, it is business as usual due to the fact they have already been leveraging remote coaching solutions to deliver their services. For the majority however this is a whole new way of business. Unfortunately for some coaches it has been a rude wake-up call because their services have been labelled ‘discretionary’ and have therefore been cut by their client.

As coaches and mentors, we are passionate about helping clients succeed both in business and in life. We are driven to find the right solutions, messages, and recommendations that will make incremental positive change for our clients. We will happily go above and beyond to ensure our clients are planned and prepared to achieve success. It is all about the client’s success.

What about success for the coach

Most coaches neglect their own success and well-being. After investing countless hours, energy and commitment helping others, there is nothing left in the tank to help themselves. Since the pandemic hit, I have had a lot of business coaches and consultants contact me concerned that their business will now close. Schedule coaching and training sessions have all been cancelled because they cannot meet clients face to face.

These are the same people who for a large part have resisted delivering their services online because their clients have dictated it must be delivered face to face. Again, these are the same people who I instructed years earlier to commence integrating and leveraging remote coaching solutions to increase their own efficiency and profit per hour.

It is now time to ‘reset’ your coaching delivery model in terms of how to deliver consistent value and importantly remain ‘sticky’ to your client. While the majority of the world stands still this is a great time to reinvent your service offering that best suit you.  

Remote Coaching Solutions to enhance client value

It is my personal view, with over 20 years business coaching and consulting experience, what is needed now is a combination of coaching (asking questions and allowing the client to find the answer) and consulting (providing solutions and recommendations). This will also include in part an implementation element.

Right now your clients are in a spin having to juggle what seems like daily policy changes across HR and WHS, coupled with managing concerned customers and employees. On top of this is a fight for survival trying to control cash flow. What your clients will value and more importantly need now more than ever is for you to roll your sleeves up to help get things done.

So how to coach remotely?

We have identified the 5 key remote coaching solutions required to building a ‘sticky’ coaching business that will deliver value for you the coach, and for the client are:

1. Coaching Management Platform – Provide a secure online platform to share documents, deliver learning content, schedule meetings and record notes, track accountability, and benchmark both client and coach performance. Think about how to stay connected 24/7.

2. Access to Client Data – To make real time educated recommendations you require access to ‘up to date’ financial data, project productivity data, and marketing data. Think about removing ‘silo data’ that when viewed on its own will provide a miss-representation of the actual situation.

3. Client Processes – Through your coaching management platform provide access to systems and processes that will allow your client to assign to employees to implement and manage. This can be across budgeting, business development, 90 day action plans, and cash flow forecasting. Think about essential processes that makes you ‘sticky’.

4. Build Online Community – This is essential. The power of a like-minded community that openly shares how they achieved success, as well as sharing concerns, builds trust and loyalty. Think about value driven by the community.

5. Accountability – Drive a culture of accountability throughout your clients business. It is critical that your processes and recommendations are implemented, tested, reviewed, and modified continuously to ensure your value is measurable. Think about ownership and empowerment.

I have not mentioned remote coaching solutions such as selecting video meeting software, having adequate internet speed, and an appropriate environment from where to conduct remote sessions. This is obviously the basic requirement to get started. However this will not build a loyal, sticky client base on its own.

Now is the time to ‘reset’ how you will deliver value. Start preparing for the new opportunities and remote coaching solutions that will present with new business models and new beginnings.

Matthew Jones
TheCUBE Founder & CEO

TheCUBE is a powerful business coaching platform allowing coaches and clients to work together easily.

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Time for a business reset. Winter Is Part of Business – It Doesn’t Last Forever.

While COVID-19 is consuming most people’s time and attention, there are some business owners who are focusing their time and attention on a ‘business reset’ in preparation for the opportunity that will present on the other side.

We always state the ‘only constant in business is change’. This is no different. It is important for business owners to always consider the seasons.

Acclaimed personal development guru, the late Jim Rohn says it best, “you cannot change the seasons; you can only change yourself”. Below is an excerpt from my book Power Up Your Tradie Business where Rohn explains why it is important for business owners to prepare for the seasons ahead.

When is it right for a business reset. Keep the Seasons in Mind!


First, you must learn how to survive the winter. Some winters are long, and some are short. During winter, you must become stronger, wiser and better to ensure you survive next winter. It is important to think positively, because winters do not last forever. Winter for your business may relate to increased competition, reduced demand, tough economic times or a ‘pandemic’ leading to reduction in investment development.


Second is spring. In this season, you must take advantage of the day and grab the opportunity for a new beginning, and the opportunity to turn things around. Spring is a short season and is also planting season, so you must hurry. You need to pick the right seeds, along with the right location and right nourishment. Just as life is short, you must learn to appreciate the opportunities that are presented. Only a small window of time is open, so you must be prepared to take it. In business during the spring, you must be planting the seeds relating to growing business development opportunities, growing win–win partnerships, and growing a high-performance culture within your team.


The third season is summer. This is a time to nourish new life and protect it like a father, as you wait for opportunities to present from the planted seeds. This is also a time to beware of the thief in your mind that is after your promise. Do not become a victim of yourself through negative thoughts such as, I cannot do it because there are too many obstacles. This is the time to maintain belief in your ability and remain focused on your goals.


The fourth season is autumn – time to harvest and to reap what you have sowed. The more intelligent the work invested, the greater the rewards. For all in due season your harvest will come if you are patient enough to wait.

Owners who have created long term successful businesses understand the seasons. They understand that tough times do not last forever, just as good times will not last forever. Successful people are always preparing for the season ahead.

Start preparing now for the opportunity that will present with the new beginning.

Matthew Jones
TheCUBE Founder & CEO

TheCUBE is a powerful business coaching platform allowing coaches and clients to work together easily.

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5 COVID-19 Opportunities to Reset your Business

With the Coronavirus now impacting the lives of everyone across the globe it can be easy to get caught up in all the white noise, trying to work out what is fact from fiction. It doesn’t seem like there are any COVID-19 Opportunities. For business owners, it has become a daily battle for survival. Only the strong businesses will survive this battle. In this post we took about 5 questions you should ask yourself to reset your business and uncover potential COVID-19 Opportunities.

Business owners who operate with a ‘business performance mindset’ understand that the only constant while operating a business is ‘change’. These business owners are playing a long game. They understand their business must have strong foundations to survive severe storms in the form of recessions, GFC’s, and now pandemics. These business owners, once they have their COVID-19 battle plan in place, are now preparing for the opportunity that will present on the other side.

Now is the time to look at this crisis as an opportunity to ‘reset’ the way we all do business. It is a time to reflect and review past performance to identify weaknesses, strengths and opportunities that will drive the ‘reset’.

5 ‘reset’ questions to reset your business:

  1. How strong is our ‘Vision & Purpose’? – Are we on the right path? Are we truly passionate about what we do? Will we keep getting back up when we are constantly knocked down?
  2. How strong is our ‘Culture & Values’? – Does the team buy-in and believe? Do individuals own it? Are we exhibiting the right behaviors?
  3. Is our team reaching their ‘Full Potential’? – Are we setting up everyone to win? What processes, training, conversations are required to ensure individual potential is reached?
  4. Are we serving the ‘Right Customers’? – Do our existing customers fully appreciate the value we are delivering? What are the key problems we are solving? Who will benefit the most from our expertise, service, solutions?
  5. Do we have ‘100% Financial Control’? – How can we improve our budgeting process? What financial management reporting process is required? What is the best way to manage our cash flow? How can we gain full transparency and understanding of the numbers?

Answering the above questions opens up more questions which leads to critical and creative thinking. This relates to who you are, how you do it, who believes what you believe, who do you serve, and ultimately is the business model financially sustainable.

Relating to financial stability, it is my 100% belief that all business owners must have 100% financial understanding of their business. At TheCUBE, we are passionate about helping business coaches deliver financial processes and understanding to ensure the long-term sustainability of their clients.

Now RESET and PREPARE for the OPPORTUNITY that will present. Then TAKE IT!

Matthew Jones
TheCUBE Founder & CEO

TheCUBE is a powerful business coaching platform allowing coaches and clients to work together easily.

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